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On 10/27/18 I attempted to add an account to set of video visitation with my son and kept receiving an error message saying I needed to verify my address which I did several times. I then contacted customer service and the representative whom I spoke with did not offer any explanation as to why I kept getting this error message but offered to set it up for me.

As we proceeded to do this, I noticed that they were charging more to "help" set up the transaction. I asked the man why there was a difference in price and he told me because I was talking to him. I then stated I felt this was not right because it seemed to me that the system was not operating correctly just so you have to call in and end up paying more to get set up. Ha!, this man said to me "if I tell you that is correct would it make you feel better" I stated to him yes because it's the truth.

This man then started to scold me and tell me he didn't appreciate what I conveyed to him about what or how I felt and then proceeded to end the call.

What poor customer service coming from someone who is getting paid to assist customers. I guess that's his "power trip" to interfere with me being able to have contact with my son.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Customer service, Arguing with me.

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They probly feel horrible cause they have to be a part of robbing people legallyigh dam rate to they charge for local call

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