They failed to provide the fact that it is strictly a middle man company, and that after purchasing your local number you still have to pay for an account directly with the inmate facility.After purchasing it, they told me i have to activate my number, and ten minutes later they emailed me staying my number was activated.

When i checked my back account they had charged me 35.00 and a separate charge was posted to my account at the same time, an ACH charge with no other information (another 25.00) i called to ask about the charge and to get a refund because they failed to provide the info that my brother still can't call me until i pay the jail, but they said they had no clue what the charge was and told me that they weren't even the company that produces the phone number, and i couldn't call this "business" to ask about the charge because it was confidential. They don't inform people that they aren't the ones who actually set up the numbers and whatnot.

This whole business is a scam, they are ripping off people and i believe them to be involved in account fraud.DON'T USE THEM

Review about: Icsolutions Inmate Phone Service.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.


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Noticed 2 people giving you thumbs down on your comment (?). Would love to know if they're employees of that company.

Chicago, Illinois, United States #1285639

They put a block on my phone for no reason, now my loved one can't even call me.This is just wrong, illegal.


I just want my friend to be able to call me from Clinton Correctional Facility In Dannemora, N.Y.

Why is trying to set this up impossible.

Please advise.

Chicago, Illinois, United States #1280917

They put an administrated hold on my phone line so a friend cannot call me to the fact that they double charged me and I disputed the amount. So I get punished and can't receive phone calls

Houston, Texas, United States #1280815

I used my mom's debit card twice and she was sitting beside me well when we was done it wouldn't let me take her card off I gave her my word that she don't have to worry that I will never use it without asking her.long story short they ran my mother's card took money off twice and there was no mins on the inmate phone for it.i get home mom's blowing up on me ,we have not spoken in a lil over a month :(

Houston, Texas, United States #1280803

Yeah the same thing happen to me.what can I do


This company is fraudulent the took my payment of $51.25 and never provided me with a phone # after 24 hrs like they were suppose to I have tried many attempts to get my money back and still nothing!the site won't let you cancel order and has no contact # just a spot where you can write problem and they email you.

DON'T USE THIS SITE or they will have your info and take your money too and never get back to you.this place should be investigated and shut down with all these complaints, turning off that bank card and getting new one.

to Anonymous #1280254

Did the bank reinstate the $ or stop the process from going through?


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i tried to get the service but couldn't process my payment..they give me this number 720 452 7464...

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