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My boyfriend is a inmate in Nevada in Lovelock.IC Solutions is the prisons phone people.

To talk for 30min with IC Solutions its 4.85 a call

so I signed on with 123LOCAL.net and a 30min call was 98 cents plus my boyfriend purchases a prepaid phone card and that cost 85 cents for the first min and then 11 cents per min for the next 29 min but if we call the 123local number its only 1.45 for the full 30 min. That worked well for a few months. Now when my boyfriend calls, when I try to except the call and press 5 it hangs up . $30.00 later I still cannot get a call.

Ive e-mailed both phone companies on a daily basis for two weeks and still havent even gotten a call back. I need to know what I can do about it.

This isnt fair.

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Clearwater, Florida, United States #1175024

Hi the bad thing about is ic solutions is very high with phone calls you have to pay so much money to put money for the phone I hate the way they charge a lot of money they aren't good but high


Contact call Kurtis channel 13news


I was talking to the lady on the phone about the institution that my boyfriend is in and I was talking about some other stuff and she was no longer there so I was just talking to myself on the phone for about 2 minutes and whoever that person was is very rude and one of these days somebody will be rude to her too because what goes around comes around I'm glad my boyfriend doesn't have ic solutions because I would never do business with you not as rude as she was


Please do not let IC Solutions take advantage of us this way and file a complaint against them.Please read below:

Since Feb.

11, 2014, FCC rate caps for interstate calls are:

•$0.25 per minute for collect calls

•$0.21 per minute for debit or pre-paid calls

This equates to a per-call rate cap (including per-call charges) of:

•$3.75 for a 15-minute call •$3.15 for a 15-minute debit or pre-paid call Charges on inmate calls that exceed interstate rate caps are in violation of federal rules. File a complaint with FCC Consumer & Govt. Affairs Bureau Consumer Inquiries & Complaints Division 445 12th St.

S.W.Washington DC 20554 or by phone 1-888-225-5322

Pensacola, Florida, United States #696970

I added money to my according to my account four hours ago and the money has not posted yet. This company does not handle buisness very good and would recommend contacting the institution your loved one is at, and ask if they could switch providers.


This company never did refund my balance after using their service which was $18.00.


Some One Please Email Me At


&& Please Please Tell Me How This Works . My Boyfriends Calls Are $6.00 & that is just to much right now some one please help me .


I was told by my husband to go to securus and set up an account so he could call me.( i put him in jail to get him off drugs) I have never known anyone in jail so did not know this process.

When I typed in Securus it brought me to prison call solutions. So I read through and it sounded like what he was talking about so I signed up. I get email after that telling me I needed to call the jail security provider and find out who they use so that I could go through this process to set up with them. Well that told me there this was not the right company.

I called left 3 messages no return call. The live chat on the site does not work nor does the refund button. I called again finally got a csr and he told me they would cancel and send this to the refund department. The refund department sent me a email saying they could not refund me for my inmate leaving or not using the number.

They have never sent me a number to use. They took my money under false advertising, never sent me a number, never called me back and now will not refund me. This is a big scam and they are preying on people who are already vulnerable.

As it is I had to make this decision to save my husbands life, but it is leaving me with one income and kids to raise not to mention bills.PLease help me get my money back

to Prison Call Solutions Henderson, Nevada, United States #974506

sounds like its your *** fault...Who do you think you are to make a decision like that?betraying your husband like you know whats best for a grown man.

I have news for you, you dont know whats best for another grown adult but your own, but some may even argue that, you obviously made a horrible decision to throw your husband into a world you know nothing about, and in the process put hardships on your children. What will you think about yourself if your husband gets killed or raped in jail?

theres a better chance that he does than the chances of loosing his life to drugs.You can recover from drugs you cant recover from prison

to your_a_borderline_retard #1009065

You obviously do not know what it is like living with a person who's addiction is more important than his immediate family.You can not judge her or him for sending him to jail, maybe that was the only option and they were being harmed physically.

So before you judge why don't you get facts. although you might be someone who does not mind being beat, mentally abused, abandoned, and so on. Hey you probably work for this company who is committing fraud and stealing all our money.

I have been experiencing the same I was charged 53 dollars and I received no call.

So I would take this as a lesson, do not fall for a company who has no physical contact information.but guarantee I am going to get to the bottom of it then sue the *** out of whoever is behind this.

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