Are U SERIOUS?!??I can't understand why anyone in the world could take phone calls over buying your kids diapers!?!!!To be honest, I have never had ANY problems with this company and do understand if I were to have problems, I would definitely find another way to handle this situation!Also, I believe if you take anything from your children for a phone call from JAIL...You definitely have your priorities messed up!AND BTW, DONT LET YOUR LOVED ONES BREAK THE LAW AND U WOULDN'T HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT HOW YOUR GOING TO PAY FOR PHONE CALLS FROM JAIL!!!Take responsibility for your own life PEOPLE!!

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You have obviously not had the real life experience of not being able to control another person in your life and if you do control other people I would hate to see how that works out for you only someone ignorant and naive and childish would make a comment that says if you control them you wouldn't have to deal with it that is the stupidest thing I have ever heard it does not take a genius to figure out you can control your life to an extent but you cannot control someone else's if you're going to post ignorant things just don't post it all.


Have several seats!


Uggh, another one of you! Go way away


Your company is a scam fucko

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