Ridiculous all the *** I've put up with this company I cant wait till my inmate gets out! I have always gotten money put on the phone to make calls and then they can call me with in minutes of doing so.

Today however, It said it approved then the dumb person on the phone who is suppose to be helpful just tells me well it usually takes an hour. I've been using it for a year, b*tch it don't take an hour. Then she says "Well today its an hour" ha. Not only do I have this problem today.

There was another time where I put money on the phone and because the prison lines where down. They just lost my money even though it went through. Called customer service, had to have it investigated they say we'll call you back to get your bank statement faxed over in a couple days if it doesn't show up on your account. Nothing, no phone call, no help!!!

So I had to call them again!

So much bull when all Im trying to do is talked to my loved one! You people need to get your sh*t together!!!!

Review about: Icsolutions Inmate Phone Service.

Monetary Loss: $13.

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Birmingham, Alabama, United States #958113

All of these complaints need to be reported to the better business bureau. Also contact the Attorney General.

These phone plans are contracted out. Your State Representative needs to hear from all of you!! You can pull them up on line and email them. Things change when enough attention is given to it.

Yes it is a money scam! So is the canteen accts. All outside contracts! So is inmate medical!!!

They hire "Fly by night Physicians"that no Hospital will hire! Your inmate is not be taken care of!!!


IC Solutions, an inmate phone call company, services Midland-Odessa Texas. The rate is $4.00 per call plus .30 cents a minute with a limit of 20 minutes.

This company sucks. They call it Prepaid Collect calling. Really folks? Pre-Paid is NOT Collect.

Collect means that the inmate calls collect and the bill gets paid after the fact. Pre-Paid means that the inmate has a debit card that they pay for the call with from their end.

More Schtupid people screwing over the working man over inmate services. Companies like IC Solutions should be banned and charged criminally for price gouging.

What a crock of ***.

One of the best inmate calling services companies I've dealt with is Securus. They will bill you for collect calls.

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